Our mission is to preserve and promote various family events and competitions.  We actively work to break down the stereotypes associated with the car culture and custom cars. Culture, history, and community are the three values we hold as part of our core values and hope to convey the beauty and complexity of custom cars with the world beyond. We promote ingenuity and creativity each year through friendly competition so that we can continue from year to year.

With these ideals we charge our selves with the following:

  1. Host car shows each year where various car clubs are represented.
  2. Create a community where families play an integral role.
  3. A safe environment where innovation and custom car creations are showcased.
  4. Instill a sense of pride in the work of our peers across car clubs.
  5. Regionally host events where everyone can take part.
  6. Collaborate with other groups to create and larger network for the custom car community.
  7. Provide a competitive aspect to larger shows to help individuals and car clubs push them to create custom cars that are pushing the boundaries of what was done previously.
  8. An atmosphere where all can participate freely.
  9. Create annual events where individuals, families, car clubs, and solo riders return each year.
  10. Promote and support the communities that we live in, in order to showcase the positive spirit of the custom car culture.